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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Derek's Latest Disneyland RIde

Are you ready? Make it say "The New Ride That Derek Made, But They Made It Before Him." But my ride is kinda different. So I will tell you the ride. First, you have to get into Disneyland and when you get right into Disneyland, you see a big, giant, giant, giant, giant, giant ride. And then you see a huge line and everybody's in it. But I was there first. And they just opened it up today. And they said, "It's for a dollar." And it's one of the scariest rides you will ever see. I think they should make a park called The Scary Rides and put it in there.

And when you get in, you ride on the ride and you go up this big, big, big, big, big mountain and then you go straight down and then you see this weird kind of thing with a vampire. It's like a big, hairy thing; I thought it was a werewolf atfirst. But when you keep on going in the ride you see these weird kinda things hanging from the ceiling; I don't know what it is. And then this thing tries to shoot you, and it's like a big kinda monstery thing. And then a big werewolf comes right in front of you and it jumps over you, and this little freaky guy with a chainsaw cuts the wheels off with his chainsaw, and then a big, big boulder comes and hits the guy with the chainsaw. But we still don't have any wheels. Then the big boulder hits us and we go in this big cave and then the bats and Dracula are chasing after you.

And then you go right into this thing, and it's weird, because it doesn't look like anything, but my brother telled me after the ride, my brother said, "Did you see the big cave with the big, giant teeth everywhere?" And he said there was a shark teeth, and a dinosaur teeth, and a werewolf teeth. And then you're done, and it's all over. And then we went on it again and again and again until the whole day was done. And that's the story about the ride I wanted to tell you.

by Derek, age 7, as transcribed by Aunt Beverly


Blogger Danny Barer said...

I think I saw something like that at the amusement park in Yokohama.

4:23 PM  

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