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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Best Disneyland Ride Ever

Aunt Beverly: When we went to Disneyland--

Derek: Me too! I goed to Disneyland!

Aunt Beverly: You did?

Derek: Uh huh. I tell you the best ride ever?

Aunt Beverly: Okay.

Derek: First you get in the boat and you go up all the way of a big mountain. And after that, inside the mountain are lots of animals.

Aunt Beverly: Real ones?

Derek: No, pretend ones.

Aunt Beverly: And they sing songs?

Derek: No, they try to bite you. But I hit them with my brother's baseball bat and they ran away.

Aunt Beverly: I guess it's lucky you were there, then.

Derek: Uh huh. And after that, you go down a big slide into the water.

Aunt Beverly: Does it splash you?

Derek: Yeah, all over you with water. And after that, you go up another big mountain and into a dinosaur's mouth.

Aunt Beverly: Really? What's it like inside a dinosaur?

Derek: It's ucky. You get oil all over you.

Aunt Beverly: That doesn't sound very nice.

Derek: No, it's ucky. And after that, you go down a big slide and out him's tail.

Aunt Beverly: He has a hole in his tail?

Derek: No, in his butt. It's ucky. And after that, you go through a big volcano, and you get lava all over you. But you don't die because it's pretend lava.

Aunt Beverly: What's it made out of?

Derek: Water. And after that, Chewbacca comes and you go in his spaceship and fight Darth Vader.

Aunt Beverly: How do you fight him?

Derek: With your thing like this. [Makes slashing moves.]

Aunt Beverly: With your lightsaber?

Derek: Yeah. And after that, after you die him, Chewbacca takes you to Mickey's house.

Aunt Beverly: Oh, dear. I bet Mickey doesn't like having lots of ucky, oily people in his house.

Derek: And after that, you take off all your clothes and take a bath. And after that, Mickey gives you new clothes and makes you dinner.

Aunt Beverly: That sounds nice. What do you have for dinner?

Derek: Ice cream.

Aunt Beverly: Really? What kind?

Derek: Chocolate. And any flavor.

Aunt Beverly: So, two scoops then.

Derek: Uh huh. And after that Buzz Lightyear comes and you go in his spaceship way up in the sky. And after that, the aliens come and you shoot them with your blaster.

Aunt Beverly: Sounds like you really get your money's worth on this ride.

Derek: Uh huh. And after that, you land in the parking lot and after that, you go home.

Aunt Beverly: What did you say this ride was called?

Derek: Disneyland Magic Kingdom Ride.

Aunt Beverly: I don't remember seeing that one when I went to Disneyland last year.

Derek: Oh, I saw it a long time ago.

Aunt Beverly: You're four years old. It can't have been all that long ago.

Derek: It was when I was a baby. That's why I can't remember it.


Blogger Danny Barer said...

Welcome back to blogging, Beverly!

I wish they'd take out California Adventure and put Derek's ride in instead.

1:55 PM  

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