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Monday, August 21, 2006

Rant o' the Day: "Defense of Marriage"

A recent unpublished letter to the editor:

It's completely disingenuous for Sen. Dan Swecker to insist that the state's interest in promoting exclusively heterosexual marriage is all about the children ["Defending the Legislature's right to defend marriage," editorial, Aug. 16].

If it really is that important to focus government resources on promoting families of children and their biological parents, then that should be the qualifying standard for state-sanctioned marriage: one man and one woman who have produced at least one biological child together. Straight couples with no kids? Nope, it's all about the children. Straight couples with stepchildren or adopted kids? Sorry, Sen. Swecker says that's not kids' best interest. Letting such imperfect folks into the marriage club "would simply reduce resources available to sustain children and families of traditional marriages and reduce societal commitment to this one most important union."

I urge Sen. Swecker to introduce a bill requiring this new standard. If he really is concerned only about the children and not about imposing his religious beliefs on our state, then he should put his vote where his mouth is.


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