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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Eavesdropping Game

One of the great things about having a PDA is that I always have a convenient place to write down those "special" quotes: the things people say that make perfect sense in context but sound pretty goofy or X-rated standing on their own. For your amusement, I've decided to post the top ten I've accumulated so far.

For my amusement, and to see if anyone besides my mom reads this, I'm also making it into a game. Two of the quotes below are things said in the context of playing a game. Two were said by or to children under the age of ten. Two were said by grandmothers. Two were said by grown men. Two were said by me. Two fall into more than one of the above categories, leaving two that fall into none of them. Anybody who correctly categorizes each quote wins. People who were present for the uttering of more than half of these quotes (that means you, sweetie) are not eligible.

"I bet Nicholas Cage has a lot of fluid in him."

"Errgh, I'm a flake of halibut!"

"I was a boy until seventh grade."

"Have you been beating me?"

"That's good, because I wanted to be mounted."

"Will someone please give me a wedgie?"

"Honey, hand me that cow."

"Why don't you look in your pants? That's where you usually find it."

"Hold on real tight, then put it between your legs and bounce."

"I like drooling."


Blogger Linda M.R. Yaw said...

Oof, pretty tricky but I guess I'll give it a try:

Nicholas Cage - None
Flake of halibut - None
Boy until seventh grade - Grown man
Beating - Game, Child
Mounted - Game
Wedgie - You
Cow - Grandma
Pants - You
Bounce - Child, Grandma
Drooling - Grown man

How'd I do?


7:41 PM  
Blogger Beverly Marshall Saling said...

You've correctly categorized "Bounce" and got half of "Mounted," which is the other two-category one. The rest are incorrect. But since you're the only one to enter so far, you're a winner in my book!

When you come over Wednesday you can collect your prize, plus all of the correct answers!

6:10 PM  

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